Comments from Readers on
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms
"Dormrooms to Boardrooms is by far one of the  best I've read. This is a must-
read for recent college grads. I look  forward to the information in the next book.
I graduated from undergrad  school 5 years ago; but unfortunately; I still do not
understand stocks  and information on investing money. I'm hoping these things
will be  addressed in the next book or books in the future. Victoria is definitely  a
wonderful author!“ --website-general-comments

"This book does the research on transition to the real world that would take you
days and days!!!  A must read for all entering the Real World!!!!! If I only had
this book 25 years ago! No longer alone as I try and make it on my own!  Easy
to read; yet full of useful information!  Takes the pain out of growing up!”  
Michael S.

“I enjoyed the chapter on clothes and style. I found it very informative. It was
very easy to read. I picked up a few new ideas.”  Rhena

“It was great!  Thoughtful and easy to read.  Small nuggets of very important
wisdom. The short anecdotes were humorous (at times) and made it easy and
enjoyable to read.  These are the kinds of things you wish someone would have
told you about in retrospect.”   Lisa  

"(The chapter on living arrangements was...) Everything I needed to know
without asking. I wish I had this when my daughter needed a roommate in
college. We weren't lucky."  Alex H.

“I read the first chapter to prepare for interviews.  It gave me some new ideas
and think it (the book) is going to be successful.” Vilma

"A very insightful book. It provides information on a variety of topics that are
particularly useful to young people. I especially like the money management tips
provided throughout the book. Wish I had read this book before I left the nest."  

“I enjoyed reading chapter 4, “Office Politics,” because it provided excellent
methods of handing various situations that may occur in an office setting and
other work environments.  This chapter provided insight of how anytime a
person chooses to take on new challenges he or she wanders into uncharted
waters of office politics.

“As a mentor, I believe that it is vital to show by action, how to command respect
and praise without jeopardizing others.  This chapter provided examples of how
to use office politics to build a strong foundation.  The information that I have
gained is a great benefit, as I continue to progress in my career.  It has great
information that is beneficial to individuals that are beginning their career.

“In concluding, in my position and in today’s environment, leadership and
dealing with people are very important.  I appreciate the information, and the
insight of reading Chapter 4 has provided. The flow of the material was well
organized.  The situations that were presented is relevant to what I have seen
throughout my career, and the examples were helpful in providing insight of how
to handling various situations.”   Carla

“The knowledge I received while reading this manual was very helpful and
enlightening pertaining to office politics.  The manual’s focus on how to move
forward and obtain success in your career as far as the do's and don'ts can be
very helpful to one just starting out or starting over.   And the focus on
retirement benefits and thrift savings prepares the beginner on how important it
is to prepare for the future.  It is my belief that this manual can be very helpful in
one obtaining success in one's career.”  Michelle

“Bravo!!! The information presented in the travel tips chapter was informative,
enlightening and very concise. The information was easy on the eye, unlike
most travel guides.  I was enthralled with the practical advice from reservation to
cost saving techniques, very informative.  Both novice and seasoned travelers
would benefit immensely from the author’s exhaustive research.  So, all one has
to do is read, travel and enjoy!!!!”  Tim

“I think it’s (the chapter on meetings and presentations) a nice, concise chapter
that does an excellent job of introducing how to give presentations, write
reports, and meeting conduct.  The little stories intertwined in the text are
definitely worthwhile as they help hold the reader’s attention in a somewhat dull
subject matter.  Also the boxes on each page highlighting the important aspects
are also very beneficial.”   Farhat

“The importance of the Image and Style chapter cannot be overstated.  One
should not overlook the power of a good first impression.  This chapter provides
the background and research to help you make that first good impression.  
Many employers interpret appears in terms of what you know about the world
around you and the attention you pay to detail.  Potential employers base a
significant part of their hiring decision on grooming, clothes and accessories.  I
really enjoyed reading this.  A great job.”  Michele G.

“The chapter on getting ahead was very informative with an excellent use of
bullet points. Its focus on personal development is very timely, especially
considering that today’s world is now a fiercely competitive global market place,
making the addition of personal development skills imperative for advancement.”
Franz H.