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Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms
ISBN :  0-9759665-0-2
Victoria Pilate
Crandell & Rose
Dorm Rooms to
spans the
full transition from
college to the Real
World, covering:

Interview Tips
Apartment Hunting
Office Politics
Getting Ahead
Business Travel Tips
Image and Style
Tips on Presentations
and more!
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms
Victoria Pilate, Ph.D.  
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Uses of
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms
•    South Carolina State University Division of Social Sciences
•    Norfolk State University

A Text for Leadership and Professional Development
•    Elizabeth City State University, School of Business & Economics
•   Seba Solutions  (for a NASA training contract)
•   University of Central Florida, Civic Leadership Academy of the Lou Frey
Institute of Politics and Government
•   Southern Adventist University

A Text for Internship and Co-Op Courses
•   Huston-Tillotson University, School of Business
•    SUNY, Binghamton School of Business

A Gift to Interning Students
•    University of Maryland Eastern Shore, School of Business & Technology

A Text for Business Communications
•     Alabama State University

A Text for Freshmen Orientation
•     Troy University
•     North Carolina Central University, School of Business
Reviews of Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms
"...Insightful.  Brought forth issues and concepts that every college student should eventually
enter the world of work. "

Hazel O'Leary, Ph.D.
Fisk University

"The book promises clarity, wisdom, and common sense."  

Sebetha Jenkins, Ph.D.
Jarvis Christian College

“An excellent career resource and planning guide.  Valuable information.”  

William R. Harvey, Ph.D.
Hampton University

"Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms is a handbook that students should receive during their
freshman year of college! This book takes all of the nuggets students have heard a 1,000
times from their parents, will hear a 1,000 times from their professors, mentors and
advisors and compiles them into a very useful and necessary tool for success. It served as a
wonderful refresher for me as I go about my daily tasks.  I truly enjoyed reading the book!
Thank you, Dr. Pilate, for writing the book so many of us in higher education wanted to write
but have never found the time to put pen to paper."

Dr. Frances Graham
Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
North Carolina Central University

"Well written. A wonderful book for students. It is an opportunity and vehicle for students to

Ayodele Julius Alade, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Dean
School of Business and Technology
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

"The content illustration/highlighted areas throughout the book provided attention and
stimulated interest in defining the book’s subject content.  It should have the greatest
significance to both graduates and undergraduates that are either new to or already exist in
the world of employment and politics to actual survive in today’s society.  The book touches
on things that are only learned through having experienced outcomes of real life situations."

Willie H. Thomas, Ph.D.
Division of Continued Education and Community Service
Alabama State University

"Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms provides a wealth of useful pointers about issues, from the
mundane to the vital, which can be advantageous for college students to consider when
entering the 'real world'.  A helpful, easy read for students, advisors, and employers alike."

Angela N. Romans
Associate Director of Admission
Director of Minority Recruitment
Brown University

"I have read the book ‘Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms’ cover to cover. It has been a good
experience. I am amazed at the meticulous detailing that the author has done in capturing all
the minutest possible information in every situation. This will be a valuable reference guide
to the young generation at the start of their career. I wish I had access to a reference guide
like this when I started my career decades back."

Prof. P. Bala Bhaskaran
Indian Business School
Ahmedabad, India

"This carefully planned thought provoking book provides solid information, literally a road
map, for young people who are finishing college and entering into the world of work and
independent living. With her insight, compassion and thorough research, Dr. Pilate` equips  
new college graduates with solid information about survival skills:  job hunting, interviewing
techniques,  dress codes,  office politics,  basic etiquette, selecting compatible roommates,
and clear concise strategies for moving ahead with limitless possibilities.   This book
provides workable tools to attain career success in this very competitive world of work; a
must read for young college graduates!"

Verna S. Cook, Ph.D.
National President of Black Women in Sisterhood for Action, Inc. (BISA)

“Pilate’s book is filled with sound, well-organized tips. It’s all here, and it makes for a
worthwhile Christmas or graduation gift for that young person you hope will go places.”

The Voice-Tribune (Louisville, KY)

“Never has an author put in black and white the essence--the politics, philosophy,
psychology and sociology--of the workplace as Victoria Pilate has.”

The Nation (Blantyre, Malawi)   

Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms was named Cost Cutter Tip of the Week.
The Port Arthur News

"The book is excellent!!"

Angela Massey Hill, Pharm.D., BCPP
Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy


Stephanie Ray
Assistant Dean of Students
Georgia Tech


Magazyn plus

"Valuable Tips."  

The Birmingham Times

"A must read for our readers."  

Steven Mootry, Publisher
Black College Today

"Part of the beauty of 'Dorm Rooms' is that Pilate takes nothing for granted as she
addresses her readers. In addition to the usual topics of finding, landing, and starting a job,
she addresses hard-hitting topics of discrimination, deadbeat roommates, and workplace
dating debacles. When dealing with controversial material, Pilate doesn't waste words or
scrimp on moral values."

The North Brevard Beacon  

"'Dorm Rooms' goes beyond just entering the office, however. While the target audience is
comprised of college graduates, the book is invaluable to professionals at all career
stages. Pilate dedicates six chapters to boardroom issues, offering advice on everything
from initiation to international travel. She untangles the unwritten laws and expectations of
the office and prepares the grad for success in all aspects of personal and professional life.
She equips the reader to problem solve with grace and tact. 'Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms'
explains not only how to survive in the workplace but also how to shine.

"Pilate covers each topic thoroughly and lists information for numerous helpful resources.

"The pages are sprinkled with sidebars and humorous anecdotes from contributing
professionals. Pilate speaks from her own broad experience, frequently sharing personal
stories and examples. Her insight, common sense, and creativity are superb. Her issues
are informative, realistic, and relevant. 'Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms' is a must-have for
ambitious young professionals entering the workforce."

Abolite Independent (Allen, TX)

"Essential information."

Editor of Trilogy
The University of the District of Columbia

“I appreciated the little boxes that accompanied the text.  They often contained very useful
and practical advice, more related to our entire existence and not just work.  The author has
listened to the stories of people and incorporated their lived wisdom into a book with a
holistic approach.  Students in tribal colleges would benefit from this book… The book is
about understanding differing context and not destroying your opportunities.”  

Tribal College Journal
Winter 2008

The first and most important chapter, "Hitting the Pavement" acts as a crystal ball for the
reader, explaining what to do to get into the career world and how to properly stand out
once you're there.  Helpful tips in the first chapter include common interview questions and
interview techniques. Pilate even shares how to correctly answer the biggest mind-boggling
interview question ever: "What is your greatest weakness?"

Like other career-motivating self-help books, "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms" addresses
typical topics such as making a good first impression and résumé writing, but the great
thing about this book is it contains important but rarely addressed topics such as office
politics and knowing when to leave a job.

Boxes summarizing and highlighting information make the book easy for even the laziest of
readers. "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms" contains material every undergraduate should be
familiar with before they leave campus and step out into "the real world."

The Post
Ohio State University

"….Many useful tips and suggestions. Even those of us still in college and not immediately
searching for a job can find topics of merit. …..a lot of good information in the book."

The All State
Austin Peay State University

“Pilate’s book helps prepare students for the real world.  Full of advice…”

The Tartan
Radford University

“In the book ‘Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms,’ author Victoria Pilate gives beneficial advice to
students on how to successfully obtain a job after college.

“This book isn't your typical college guide. With every piece of advice presented, Pilate
gives the reader factual and useful tips that have been taken from experience in the

“One of the appealing aspects of ‘Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms’ is that Pilate tackles
subject matter that is often avoided in many career handbooks.

"’Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms’ is not only an interesting read, but it may be your best shot
at getting that job of your dreams in less time than expected.”

The Michigan Journal of the University of Michigan, Dearborn

"Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms isn't your average transition book. It discusses topics new
employees may not have even thought of and offers insight into the reality of the work force."

The Hurricane
University of Miami (FL)

"Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms is a great read."

The Mustang Daily
California Polytechnic State University

"With just the right amount of advice and a few interesting personal anecdotes, 'Dorm
Rooms to Boardrooms' is a triumph.

"This book is a perfect read for college students wondering how to organize their life. The
transition from college to the job world is not always an easy one, but Pilate leaves the
reader feeling like an adult ready to step out into the real world."

Hofstra Chronicle
Hofstra University

"You know, 'It.s a hard-knock life' for all of us. For those embarking upon graduation, a step-
by-step guide would be vital.  I recommend the book Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms by
Victoria Pilate.

"Pilate stands out as a creative writer, giving readers hard evidence to support what she
believes to be true.

It's a wonderful, informative, and educational book."

The Life
University of West Alabama

"A pretty decent book."  

Scholastic Magazine
University of Notre Dame (Indiana)

“Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms is an informative, "life experience" book filled with
suggestions, hints and warnings of what a college graduate can reasonably expect to
encounter in today's work environment…”

The Commuter
Northampton Community College
Bethlehem, PA