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The Great Leap Forward is a great option for a university's career center. Nearly all
career professionals receive the same market information from trade organizations.  Try
The Great Leap Forward for unique perspectives.

Great Leap Forward is the opportunity to receive even more competitive information
for students.  
The Great Leap Forward integrates academic research with practical
advice of professionals. In addition, the program offers detailed information from
recruiters and employers across the country.

The Great Leap Forward is also available for employers.  It augments the orientation
program for new hires.
The Great Leap Forward for Career Services Centers
Victoria Pilate, Ph.D.
Excerpts from Great
Leap Forward's  
Diversity Lecture
Excerpts from Great
Leap Forward's  
Grooming Lecture
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How to Work a
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How to Work a
Career Fair (8x11
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Dining Etiquette
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Excerpts from
Great Leap
Strategic Career
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Excerpts from
Great Leap
Etiquette Lecture
Uses of Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms

A Part of Premium Service Programs

Resale Fundraiser

A Care Package to Interning Students

A Text for Career Academies

A Text for Freshmen Orientation

Required Reading for Internships and Co-Ops

Recommended Reading for New Students

A Text for Career Camps for High School Students

Just what is the Great Leap Forward?
The Great Leap Forward is a lecture program for colleges, universities and other organizations.  
The goal of the program is to empower students and new hires to compete in the workforce.  It
touches on competition in the hiring process but deals more so with life on the job.  Competitive
edge issues such as diversity and ethical behavior as well as professional etiquette are areas
emphasis for the program.  

With the typical lecture, I provide a lecture, group exercises and a copy of
Dorm Rooms to
.  Some universities have opted to receive the lecture only; in those cases, I give to
students a limited number of complimentary copies of
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms at the lecture's
conclusion-- usually on a first come-first serve basis.  The group exercises are real-life situations,
effectively ripped from the headlines.

The Great Leap Forward is also available for employers.  It augments the orientation program for
new hires or can be used for professional development training for interns and co-ops.

So why would a university or academic program buy the Great Leap Forward?
The benefits are far reaching.  On one hand, it benefits the students in giving them an extra edge
in preparing for and entering the work world.  It also benefits universities in that it expands the
services available to its students and graduates.  By empowering students to become fully
engaged in their careers, universities benefit themselves in that alumni in great jobs are alumni
who can better support their alma mater.  It also expands the attractiveness of a school or program
to prospective students. Few could turn down a school that provides stellar academic preparation
then goes the extra mile to provide career preparation beyond that which a typical university's
career services center would provide.   

For Schools of Business, the program meets AASCB requirements for ethics and diversity training.  
In addition for HBCUs and tribal colleges, the program can be molded to meet Title III requirements
for ethics and diversity training.  

Students in our field have the best job market in years. Would you still recommend the
program for our students?
Yes. A great job market is one thing; being enabled to understand
and negotiate the demands of on-the-job pressures is another. The normal services provided by
career centers focus on interview preparation.  The next step of on-the-job success is often a
distance second.

On average, a fifth of new hires will wash out during their first few years on the job.  Much of that is
involuntary attrition.  Inability to cope with the office politics cannot be underrated as a career
impediment. Likewise, knowing how to compete in the workplace invariably is unanticipated by the
average new hire.

Are all students who read your book or attend the Great Leap Forward seniors?  
No, about half of schools have wanted the book for underclassmen.  Two schools bought it for its
freshmen.  The goal was to start developing students early. Much of what is in
Dorm Rooms to
can be used early in college years; office politics exist even in work study jobs and
internships.  Just about every Dean of Students has heard an earful of battling roommates whose
problems could have been solved early on with some gentle advice to both parties.  

Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms has been used for internship training and courses in professional
development training.

Other Services

Bulk Book Orders

Guest Speaker Services on Career Topics

Augment your existing career services with a
seminar by Victoria Pilate.  

Thinking about buying
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms for your school?  Great
Idea.  Other schools are using it as a text for internships and co-ops and
professional development course

Past Performance
Overall, students have reported in their evaluations an increase in their
effectiveness of the series 8.67 points out of 10.  Professors and
administrators who have sat in on the lectures gave similar marks.

Clients have the option of choosing the lecture themes and level of service.
Some previous areas of interest were diversity, ethics and interpersonal
skills.  This is in addition to the general theme of job preparedness.  The
lecture series meets Title 3 compliance.

Comments on the
Great Leap Forward
"Very productive visit. The presentations, handouts, and book are very helpful to our
students.    All of our students enjoyed the presentations and acquired a considerable
knowledge from attending."
Norfolk State University professor

"The presentation was excellent."
Norfolk State University student

"Thank you for speaking about your research and experience of going from college to the
real world. I enjoyed your speech and appreciated the outline of your book since I myself
have been in the job market for about three months after earning my Bachelor in marketing
and MBA. Thank you for visiting UCF and encouraging several students like myself."      
University of Central Florida student

"Great information provided."
Cleveland State University student

"Great presentation. I feel prepared for entering the work world."
Spelman College student

Bulk Orders of
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms

What do students remember about the commencement ceremony?  Very little! Give students the
practical gift that lasts.  
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms is available in bulk quantities; it’s the perfect
gift for a university’s graduating class.  Bulk discounts are available.  For alumni organizations,
place a bulk order for this year’s graduates of your alma mater.  

1.        A Gift to Graduating Seniors
2.        A Required Text for Internship and Co-Op Courses
3.        Required Reading for Professional Development Courses
4.        A Part of Premium Service Programs of Career Service Centers
5.        A Text for Career Exploration Courses
6.        A Text for Life Skills and College Remedial Courses
7.        A Part of  the Reading List for Incoming Freshmen
8.        A Text for New Employee Orientation
9.        A Text for Intern and Co-Op Employee Education
10.      A Gift for Incoming Freshmen as Part of Early Intervention Career Programs

The book is designed to empower students to enter the hiring success but covers the more crucial
and often missed issues of office politics and professional etiquette.  I cover things that are
essential to know but may not be in an employee manual like business travel tips and dressing for
success in the office.  Because it’s based on real life situations, readers get more than a rundown
of facts and figures.   

I cover many of the same issues as some career books.  In the book, I hit the basics of the job hunt
and finding an apartment, but I also took it a step further and discussed essential issues like office
politics and business etiquette.  I haven’t seen another book that puts job hunting, office politics,
grooming, business travel, and presentations in the same book.  It’s different also in that I used my
own experiences as well as those of 200 plus other people. I also used a fair amount of secondary
research. I combed journals and news sources from Harvard Business Review through NIH data.

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The Great Leap
Title III
compliance and
requirements for
ethics and
diversity training.
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