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Dorm Rooms to

The book is designed for
people entering the
workforce, covering topics
from job hunting through
taking a business trip and
making a business
presentation. You may
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(ISBN :  0-9759665-0-2)
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The Benjamins

This guide helps the
newly independent learn
how to manage money.  
The book covers topics
like paying off student
loans, budgeting,
investing and making big
ticket purchases.   You
can purchase the book,
starting in September
To Happiness and Long
Held Wishes  

The entertainment book full
of multicultural recipes and
traditions ranging from Eid
al Fitr to Juneteenth Day is
available from the website.  
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Dorm Rooms to
Boardrooms -- study guide

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A Fortnight in the Den of
the Enemy

This juvenile title tells the
story of a WWII pilot, shot
down in occupied France,
and his fight to survive and