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comments on job
hunting, getting ahead
and money
management.   Your
input can help others.

Tell your stories of office
politics, strategies for
getting ahead,
moonlighting and
balancing grad school
with work.  

I'm working on a new
book for the newly
employed on balancing
finances.  Please send
ideas for saving money
or budgeting.   Thanks!

"Be slow to buy furniture when
you get your first apartment.
I've seen people buy good
stuff quickly then get into alot
of debt. If you get transferred
you might have to sell it."

"Register with as many
newspapers as possible for
free email alerts for travel
info. Even if it's not your
hometown, you can get free
info that can help in future
when you are traveling there."

"Join professional
organizations. They often
have job information
available before it's available
to the general public.  
Employers sometimes look to
organizations and their
conferences for new hires."  

"Check out the visitor’s bureau
at the airport when you arrive
and your hotel’s tourist kiosk
for brochures of local
attractions. These brochures
often have money saving

“The supervisor gave the new
employee an assignment. I
was supposed to work with
her.  She didn’t know what to
do. Instead of asking for more
direction, she didn’t.  When I
figured out she was having
problems, I asked why she
didn’t ask for help. She didn’t
want the supervisor to get

“Young people need mentors
when they start out.  They
should seek out someone for
this.  Females should have
both a male and female
mentor.  For the male, they
must be very careful in their
selection and their actions.  
Get a new one if trouble
appears to be starting.”

“I’d encourage anyone in a
harassment situation to fight
back in the legal system. If
you let the person go, it will
happen to another person. I
also encourage people to
fight for as much money in
settlement as possible.  
Employers who start losing
money because of bosses
harassing employees won’t
stand still for long as they
continue to lose money.”
You are invited to provide input for my next books. I am
working on the next edition of
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms as
well as a book on personal finances for the newly employed.  
Please send ideas on surviving in the workplace and handling

As part of the
Great Leap Forward, I use real life examples to
illustrate ethics and diversity issues of the workplace.  Tell me
about things that have happened to you.

My next career book will be on managing finances for the
newly employed.  You’re welcome to submit ideas on starting
off with establishing a home, juggling bills, managing a
budget, ways to save, and how to plan for the future.

I invite English as a second language speakers to write also.  
I’d love to hear some stories of communication problems you
may have had in learning English.

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