Please describe a roommate experience which was either very good or
very bad. If it was a good roommate experience what made it work? If it
was a bad experience, please describe your coping techniques.
There can be many distractions on campus from noisy dorms to
demands on time of work.  Please describe your strategy for study and
test preparation.    
Please describe a work-study or part-time job experience in which you
experienced conflict on the job. How did you deal with it?
Please describe an internship or co-op experience. What things
occurred that were unexpected in either the application process or
once you were on the job? How did you cope?
At college, students are learning money management skills
including credit management.  Below please describe some
experiences you've had with managing money or credit. Do you have
advice for other students on financial management?
Do you have any advice for an underclass student on transitioning in
college to prepare for life after college?
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Survey of College Students